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Russia Ukraine Conflict: Countries have closed airspace with Russian vectors

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Russia Ukraine Conflict: Countries have closed airspace with Russian vectors.

By DHN News

Russia meanwhile has closed off its airspace to flights operated by carriers from places such as Latvia Lithuania Estonia and Slovenia but this comes as a tit for tough measure at time in the country.

Russia Ukraine Conflict: Countries have closed airspace with Russian vectors. Remember has launched an invasion into Ukraine Britain interestingly has banned the Russian flagship carrier Aeroflot from flying into its airspace the Austria’s national carrier the Austrian airlines has also announced cancellation of flights to Russia for at least the next seven days.

Meanwhile, Bulgaria Poland the Czechs republic the Baltics Germany and Slovenia have all closed their airspace to the Russians carriers the step of course comes in response to the Russians invasion of Ukraine germane airline Lufthansa has said that it is halting flights to Russia and will stop all flying town for seven days now the Ukrainian airspace remember has of course been shot to all civilian aircrafts and the eastern European nations are now monitoring their airspace very carefully.

Russia Ukraine Conflict: Moldova south of Ukraine has also banned commercial flights while Belarus has said that civilian planes can no longer fly over its part of the territory the map on your screen of course shows a total blackout of the Ukrainian airspace after a number of countries issued guidelines prohibiting their airlines from flying over the Ukrainian airspace meanwhile the united nations civilization body has condemned the violation of Ukraine’s.

Airspace after the Russians invasion in a statement the body said that the invasion violates article 1 of the Chicago convention which established the icao air travel security the international civil aviation organization council has about 36 member states the council has urged Russia to seize its unlawful activities to ensure the safety and security of the civil aviation in all affected areas it also is called upon russia to respect its obligations under international air laws.

Now the icao is not a global regulator it is a forum for states to set international aviation standards meanwhile countries are also using alternate routes while neighboring countries to evacuate their citizens an air indie Boeing aircraft which departed from Mumbai for the Romanian capital Bucharest to bring back the Indian citizens who are stranded in Ukraine is of course expected to arrive later russia’s invasion into Ukraine has divided the world.

Russia Ukraine Conflict: The united states and its allies in the west have tried to project a united front against russian aggression but russia too has mustered its allies so let’s take a look as to who has backed the war and who has condemned it and who has remained neutral during europe’s worst crisis since the second world war so let’s start with the american-sponsored draft resolution of the unsc the draft start to deploy in the strongest terms russia’s aggression against ukraine the draft resolution of course remember is bound to fail russia is a permanent member of the united nations security council and therefore vetoed the draft what is interesting is that countries like china india and the united arab emirates have abstained from voting while 11 nations including the three permanent members like the united states.

United kingdom in France and eight non-permanent members including the likes of Albania brazil gabon ghana ireland kenya mexico and norway voted in favor of the draft resolution now far from being isolated from the international community despite the sweeping sanctions vladimir putin has in fact managed to cement his ties.

First week of february moscow and beijing entered into a deep strategic partnership with no limits and where the two allies agreed that there are no forbidden areas of cooperation for three of them and also russia through its strategic intervention the syrian civil war has earned an ally in bashar al-assad since 2011 the united states pursued a policy of regime change in syria and by backing the rebels who are fighting against the government the united states was seeking to oust bashar al-assad from damascus but vladimir putin firstly through military aid from 2011 and then through direct military involvement in syria from 2015 has helped assad turn the tide of the syrian civil war and what is interesting that russia also has its only mediterranean port in syria.

The tartars it also exercises close control of the syrian port of latakia and this has turned syria into a stout russian ally in the region syria interestingly is also the only other country after russia to have recognized donetsk and luhansk as independent republics after russia the russian deputy prime minister yuri borisov was also on a whirlwind tour of the leftist nations in the western hemisphere from the 16th of february.

Russia Ukraine Conflict: He met with the leaders of Venezuela Cuba in Nicaragua and signed a series of strategic cooperation agreements on aspects such as trade energy and financial cooperation Russia’s decisive intervention to Kazakhstan has also reiterated Russia’s position of pre-eminence in central Asia in the month of January Kazakhstan of course remember erupted in a nationwide unrest sparked by a spike in fuel prices but Russia leading the cost troops managed to crush the protests in a short and decisive operation. Most central Asian nations have maintained friendly relations with Moscow and have not condemned Russia’s invasion into Ukraine so although the united states has been working its diplomatic believers to try and isolate Russia for invading into Ukraine. The fact remains that Vladimir Putin so far in the conflict has successfully managed to call the American bluff has also shot up support for the Russian nation in this war.

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