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#1 Russia Ukraine Crisis: Refugees’ Plight At The Ukraine Border – Dale Hollow News | Latest News

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Russia Ukraine Crisis: Breaking News

Ukraine war is started on February 24, which is thousands of people started to flee their nation. What’s the Human Cost of War in Ukraine?

Russia Ukraine Crisis
Russia Ukraine Crisis: Refugees’ Plight At The Ukraine Border

The war in Ukraine started on 24th February following which thousands of people have fled the nation or are trying to flee.

Today We Talk About:

We Talk About This News:  

Who is fleeing Ukraine?

What did the refugees carry?

What next of the Ukraine border?

Human cost of war in Ukraine?


Most people leaving these cities are from the capital city of Kiev Kharkiv Kershaw Mario pole these are the lord cities that are witnessing as visuals emerge huge bomb explosions or the cruise missile attacks.

Apart from the Ukrainian citizens there are as we can see Indian students who were studying medicine in Ukraine students and nationals from the Indian subcontinent also there were nationals apart from Asia Africans nationals were also seen fleeing Ukraine at this time of war.

Initially a long queue of cars and buses were seen at the border checkpoints of neighboring nations.

Like Romania, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia and the non-European member nation Moldova.

But this mass exodus of refugees from Ukraine has shown no signs of stopping which meant once the traffic snarl could not clear many people were seen walking on foot dragging the bare minimum luggage with them to safety specifically that of the European union.

What did the refugees carry?

They carried basic minimal items a bag a suitcase some food items to carry them through and perhaps likely a few pair of clothes.

For Example :-

Most women had a blanket around their shoulder babies tightly in their arm.

Not just 100 people were seen but at least thousands in queue standing sitting in hope of peace and safety.

But Once, the border was crossed by some people there were varied emotions on display there were tears and cry but there were also smiles a welcome home coming to some familiar interactions to notice someone who had been lost in Ukraine and now found at the border.

What next of the Ukraine border?

Once an individual has managed to reach the border of Ukraine into another neighboring nation for example in Hungary at the Ukraine Hungary border once these refugees reached a temporary reception center in the border village awaited transportation to transit hubs where they can be taken further inside into the country of Hungary.

How many refugees have left Ukraine till now?

According to the united nations there are more than five lakh people who have already escaped the war in ukraine which is still ongoing.

According to the UNHCR’s refugee agency it says it is planning to deal with up to four million if the situation worsens


This is the human cost of war where men women children families have had their life disrupted and turned upside down some managing to survive into safety because Russia has decided to launch this assault and aggression into Ukraine.

Russia Ukraine Crisis

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