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#1 Russia’s Talk Offer With Fresh Nuke Threat, Says – Third World War Would Be Nuclear

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Russia’s Talk Offer With Fresh Nuke Threat, Says – Third World War Would Be Nuclear

Putin Says Ready For Talks But Give Nuke Threat.

Today Breaking News – Amid ongoing tussle with Ukraine, Russia has said that World War III would be ‘nuclear and destructive’. Russia said that Moscow is ready for the second round of talks with Ukraine but Ukraine playing for time at behest of US

Latest news break that’s coming in Russia’s talks offer for Ukraine with fresh new threat.

“Russian foreign minister says third world war would be nuclear and disastrous”

The second new threat from Putin’s administration comes on a day when round two of the so-called peace talks are slated to take place remember round one of Russia Ukrainian talks failed to yield any results as Ukraine made it clear that it wants Russians troops withdrawal from its territory including Crimea and Donbass.

All right viewers that’s the latest news break that we are getting in.

One would really think if anything would come at the back of the second round of talks when nuclear threats are already being made when the first round of talks failed in the shadow of the first nuclear threat the primary sticking points were two at that point of time and those same two points continue as of now.

  1. The neutral status of Ukraine which Russia wants however Ukraine has been very clear on its intent to join NATO which still now has been non-negotiable for Russia.
  2. What happens to the territories recognized as independent republics by Russia.

Russia maintains that they will still be independent republics Ukraine wants otherwise.

This is what you know if I have to that you know bring it down to two clear sticking points these are the two clear sticking points that it’s come down to but a second nuclear threat has been made and once again in the shadow of the second nuclear threat talks will be taking place between Ukraine and Russia.

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