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Russia-Ukraine War: Kyiv, Moscow hold talks amid conflict

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Russia-Ukraine War: Kyiv, Moscow hold talks amid conflict

The prime minister is expected to chair another high-level meet on Ukraine in a short while from now at uh location mark.

That is the residence of the prime minister where in fact uh more details of course expected to emerge even as four ministers have been pressed into visiting the neighboring countries from Ukraine to oversee the return of tens of thousands of Indian students who are stranded in Ukraine let’s take this across the shrine who’s with us for more enjoy.

Russia-Ukraine War: Kyiv, Moscow hold talks amid conflict

What’s likely to be the agenda Indians in Ukraine of course is top priority for the government and more details of that expected at the same time there are a number of developments taking place globally from the united nations to what’s actually happening as far as the peace talks in.

Russia-Ukraine War: Europe and Belarus to be more specific between Russia and Ukraine are concerned:

The main thing really is the peace on discussions that is happening uh in Belarus Ukraine and Russia are together and that is the main thing.

Is there going to be a ceasefire is there not going to be a ceasefire that is the thing that we have to look out for of course there’ll be lots of things in the ungag and so on but what happens on the ground in Belarus is of primary importance it is also of importance to India because for instance if you have a temporary ceasefire even a temporary ceasefire of let’s say five days or three days or 48 hours you can get all those Indians who are in Ukraine whether in Kiev whether in Kharkov whether in Odessa in in zones on out.

And of course if you take a much larger view of the whole thing then once you have a ceasefire it becomes easier to talk you you can go further in the sense you can have that discussion at a higher level and then an even higher level of course there has to be political will on both sides if you want to talk if you want to make peace that’s the way out as far as the prime minister’s meeting is concerned the important thing of course is to see.

How many Indians can be uh taken out and from where Moldova is a new opportunity uh Kharkov still seems to be very difficult because fighting is still going on in that area you cannot get people out the closest uh they have got to Kharkov is really a long distance away.

So there is no possibility of getting anyone out of karkov in the near future the only hope is getting people out from the west trains are running in kiev so kiev could be evacuated right shuja we’re also told that there was a consideration to possibly send a flight to kharkiv any information on that because you know as you rightly mentioned actually traveling out of car cave given the fighting is going to be very difficult and at the same time as far as these talks between russia and ukraine are concerned.

What could be a possible face saver for both sides because both sides engaged in this bitter battle on the streets and both stand to lose if this fighting continues yes as far as the flights issue is concerned.

There is no question of having any flights out of kharkiv now there is no way because there is a fighting going on in the streets or just outside kharkov so there is absolutely.

No chance of any flight.

Right now unless there is a ceasefire as
far as the talks between Russia and
Ukraine is concerned in Belarus there has to be a way out the the one thing both sides will probably benefit from is an immediate ceasefire if they if there is a cease-fire number one both sides will stop having casualties military casualties and Ukraine of course will have no civilian casualties now there have been civilian casualties in recent days right and that is a worrying thing if Russia has to go into Kiev for instance.

To win a city where there is street to street fighting or house to house fighting it gets very very expensive all right should enjoy stay with us in fact we have more updates coming in as the peace talks uh continue in fact a claim of shelling coming in at the moment and this is a claim that is being made uh by the ukrainian side is what we are told provocation Ukraine claims coming in from the Russians side with reports of shelling near cave that have been coming in.

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